What is the best pencil for drawing? – Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step By Step For Beginners

This question has come up a lot recently on the Pencils for Beginners list. The answer is usually something like, “the best artist pencil.” For most of us, the answer is “pencil” because to use other pencils, like a permanent marker, would leave the lines too thick, too thin, or too rough.
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“It should not be necessary to draw a line in your work”

A pencil should not be so much an art tool as a tool to draw on the paper. The same principles should apply to other creative devices, such as writing with a fountain pen. It’s the same reason I recommend not drawing in your work.

What is the most dangerous pencil for children?

The common answer to this question is some sort of fountain pen (and some are even recommended to those children with other medical conditions!).

The most dangerous pencil for children is probably some kind of rollerball-style ballpoint, which is just too sharp for children. But even those ballpoint pens may not be the best options for those with small hands and small pen-fingers. Other safer choices include pencils with larger bodies (though this doesn’t mean it’s unsafe for kids to use these), inks such as watercolor and watercolor paints (and also some oils that come in roller-ball-type applicators), and even inks with a softer point (as opposed to a sharp point) such as gel pens in the water-color section.

“Pencils are good for your brain, but also bad for your hand”

Yes, they are good for your brain so long as you avoid using them for drawing, so long as you use them responsibly. However, it’s not just the pencil that is responsible for drawing. The same principles apply to drawing paper and your hands with paper.

For example, a good rule of thumb is to make sure the paper you use to draw is of the right thickness and consistency; for example, do not use pencils that are too thin like thin gel pens (which can get in the way) or too thick like ink-based pens (that’s just not worth the effort).

Most artists I’ve worked with who use pencils in sketching do so for more artistic and creative reasons, not artistic safety reasons. I don’t think this helps kids who have a creative imagination. And, if you do try painting or drawing with your pencil, I’d strongly advise against drawing in

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