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I like a medium point. Just put one on your hand and write a few strokes so you are on the level if you want it. When you are using a medium point it isn’t as important because the action of it in pencil just feels that much more natural. What you do with that and how many or how much you start with, is up to you.

You say that you prefer a nib that is a bit harder on wet and stiffer when dry. How do you know when to use a softer nib vs hard?

It all comes down to what will work for you. If you want your pencil to take on more of a sheen when you are working on a wet page, you should go with a soft nib. If you want to take it off and be a bit more casual while still keeping the action of your pencil, go with a medium point nib. If you want to keep your pencil in a hard enough nib for a wet, then go with a hard point. I would say that the harder the nib gets, probably the better it will work for you. I’ve been really happy to have been able to just go in and stroke and have my pencil go really, really wet and not get any kind of pressure applied to it.

But you have to be careful. Your line could literally break if you put pressure too hard as in a pencil in your hand.

Yes, so there you have it; the answer to your question and also the inspiration behind this entire series!

What tips do you have for anyone who is coming from someone who has never attempted to draw?

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