What is the softest drawing pencil? – How To Give A Drawing Lesson

Well I have to choose my favorite but this drawing pencil I just use it because it is soft and easy to grasp and it has been so much fun to use. I am a professional graphic designer, however, and I use a lot of other pencils as well.

When you say you use a lot of other pencils and if you use any other drawing pencil, which ones is it?

I have some drawing pencils too but they are from other brands that are quite old. In the beginning I only used Pencils Plus, which comes from the 60’s but nowadays I use a whole bunch of different brands. I use different brands because I do not know that they are better. Some brands are too soft for me, some are too hard and some are too long. Pencils Plus comes from the 70’s, for example. I also have a few pens. For example, I have a fountain pen which is from the 1880’s and a ballpoint pen from the 1950’s.

What is your favourite color?

I really like blue and white because it is the color of the sky and it is a nice color to work with. Also, I have a few pencils that are orange and I like them because they have lots of different interesting shapes in them.

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Do you have any hobbies?

Yeah I do! I do lots of photography, but sometimes I go on a cruise too! I also like to read, write, draw, listen to great music and watch TV shows. I am not too interested in doing anything else that requires time.

Are there any other artists you admire?

Nigel Starkey. I like his books and his drawings. You know his works very well because he wrote a lot. I like very much the artist in Mr. Miyagi’s manga called ‘The Secret of Blue Water’. I also like ‘Tales from Top Secret’ from Akira and those two manga too.

Is there anything that you would like in our next interview?

Yes, my next interview will be about the best brush pens, pens and pencils for beginners and for experienced artists too!

To see more of Chris’s great art please visit his site, www.geocities.com/christoddart

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