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Well it’s a pencil that has lots of fine teeth and is soft enough to be able to get away with drawing with a lot of fine lines and detail and it’s been a challenge to make sure it’s got some real bite to it. It’s so easy to sharpen, it’s just a pencil that has the teeth of really long fingernails when you put it against your brush. You don’t have to worry about it. I think it can be a real challenge to keep the shading right because it could be like a car that needs a lot of maintenance. And I think one of the things that I think is really important is to create a great drawing on paper, on the computer and, I suppose, on the phone. So I think it’s going to be a real learning experience.

So what is the hardest thing about drawing a dog? Maybe more obvious.

We’ve talked about things like hair; it’s got to be a certain amount of texture and texture that I can then add detail to. It’s a whole different line, a whole different kind of shading and some of them are just more difficult when you’re just working with the pen versus just working with the pencil—or just working on paper, it’s hard in some ways because you have to do an even amount of shading.

In terms of the things in between, is there anything you’d say they have in common? They’re like two animals that share something with each other.

I think the big challenge was just getting some real feel for the different textures and the feel for the different materials and how that would translate into the drawings. They’re really both soft and rough and it’s just trying to find that balance and feel that actually lends itself to the drawing. So when you do a rough pencil you’re looking at something that’s really rough, and if you try and create that same feeling with your soft drawing it could look ridiculous. Because what we’re using to define the softness in the drawing just really depends on the material and where that pencil’s from, so sometimes it’s just a matter of the texture itself. Sometimes it’s just an underlying texture on the surface. Sometimes it’s just shading, and sometimes it’s shading around that surface, and sometimes it’s shading in a way that you can’t even get a good sense for with a pencil because they’re so rough.

Timelapse | Drawing, shading a realistic eye and teardrop ...
And you work with two different people on both of them.

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