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The act or result of creating a representation on paper is the result of physical exercise. One’s eye can “see” a picture, or one can see and create a picture, but the result remains the same. The same goes for writing and drawing.

What makes a drawing a drawing?

The act of creating a representation on paper is often associated with having a mental image of the drawing before hand. When the mental image is clear, we can “see” the drawing as if it were in front of us. This is a similar experience to staring at a drawing for a long time or to an artist drawing a sketch.

A similar process can be used in drawing to understand and develop a vision. The process is similar to reading a book. When we read, the reader first develops a vision that will guide their mind to the next step. Similarly, as we create a drawing we will be able to develop a vision of the drawing before the physical creation process. The process works on the other hand because when a drawing is made it has a visual presence that helps the person think along with it. You can read about this process, if you wish.

This article describes in more detail one of the processes of making a drawing. It is the process of taking a drawing shape of hand, and drawing along the lines of this shape. When drawing it is essential that the strokes and form that the drawing creates follow the stroke of the hand, that is, the point where the shape of the hand and the shape of the hand intersect. The shape of the hand also determines where the lines of the shape of hand intersect.

The Drawing of the Hand is defined using the following three criteria:
Fantasy eye drawing by BarbieSpitzmuller on DeviantArt

An internal line in the hand, or a line that runs parallel to the length of the hand or the fingers. The internal line has the length of the hand, and it is the shortest piece of the shape (including the palm) that can fit within the frame of the drawing. The line must be exactly perpendicular to where the hand would extend if it were completely covered. The line must be parallel to the line of the palm.

It is a very powerful drawing process and gives you a complete sense of the body (as well as the form of the hand within it). You don’t have to draw the whole model, you can draw just the hand or just a part of it, to give you the most complete representation. When you are done drawing, you can also copy these drawings and

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