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What does it take to be an art student?

The best place for finding out more about the art scene is the University of the Arts. You can also read up on the most interesting art schools at our sister site, The Daily Beast.

T. S. Eliot,

“One cannot make a living in literature. No-one makes a living on literature. Nobody even makes a living on fiction; but a man can live on facts.”

I will not argue that the man who would not make a living on fiction would have made a pretty penny in the commercial art world but, if I may say so, I say that a man, one might say a very valuable man has made a pretty penny in the commercial world – and that is the man who is to be found in the last chapter of Moby-Dick, written by the Englishman Thomas Carlyle a quarter of a century ago. This man was a millionaire then and has done rather well since (not that Mr. Carlyle was a bad man, but he was not a very good one). He was also a great writer – in fact “of great writing”, as he wrote to his brother William in 1899-1900 – and one of his great novels, The Sea Goes Round, is being translated in the United States by a great American novelist – one who was probably a much better writer than the author of The Sea Goes Round, and in fact a much better dramatist but still. The Sea Goes Round might be called a novel about a man who has to sail around the world with a sailboat, a very good book – perhaps the best book of the nineteenth century – and one of Mr. Carlyle’s great novels (in fact, the most important novel), but one of Mr. Carlyle’s great novels is one about the character of a millionaire who is going round the world – and in it the character of the millionaire is not exactly that of the one who is the author of the novel. So, indeed, was Mr. Carlyle’s own world-travelling book, which, in fact, was not really about Mr. Carlyle’s character at all but about the character of the “middle of the road” man. In it Mr. Carlyle is a middle-class Englishman who spends his time on the “bottom of the road”, buying things all the while with a view to being able to leave them when he has got what he wanted. As a result of this kind of working out

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