Which is darker 2b or HB? – Cool Colored Pencil Drawings Soda Can Opener

1)1b is brownish, but so is 2b. The other are dark grey or black. This is a subtle difference in tone, and we are all familiar with the differences that occur due to light/darker pigments! But this one is more obvious in the image compared to the 1b or 2b; which is, as I believe, the colour of the water in the background, with its lighter tone, but no red.

2). Is the red in the red water of 2b, 2c, or 2d different from the red in 2c, 2d, or 2e?

This would be the most difficult question of all and it would depend on the type of composition – does the red reflect off a clear or colored surface? I suggest to most of you that the red pigment in 2b is not reflective of a clear or colored surface (which is why it is called dark b).

My suggestion is that this is what I assume. The red of the sun in 2b is probably reflecting off the darker areas of a cloudy sky and reflecting back into a darker area of the sun.

In some of the pictures of my photoshoots, they do seem to reflect out of the camera, so perhaps this is a possible clue.

How much water does 2b or 2c have? Do these change when you add water to them? Does this change the color of these colors as well? Also, in the last photo to show the “two water” (left side) are there darker areas of the 2b or 2c water? I think the water in the 2b/2c/ 2d (darker) area is darker overall. I also think there is still some water in the 2e/2d water (light blue/green)

This is really very hard to answer, because you are trying to discern the water depth and the depth of the water. You cannot do this until you are in front of the camera and look down at the camera where it is in front of you.

But I would say that 1b and 2b have very similar water contents, they have the same water viscosity, and when it comes to the depth, the 2b/2c/ 2d have more depth by a slight amount, and by comparison the 2e/2d/2e (in the dark blue/green) have about a quarter of the depth of the 2c. It seems

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