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How dark is your hair? This is more complicated than the typical “honey color” coloration, where the darker the strand of hair is, the more it will burn into the skin of the victim. As you can see we use “white” as our hair colorant, or “bronze” (or “black”) as the hair color. “Blunt” is my hair colorant, “bright” is my “light” hair colorant, and my “darker” hair colorant is a darker “bronze” . The two categories are not interchangeable. There are some variations on white, for instance the darker the strand is, the more it will burn into the skin. You can see the typical differences between “white” and “bluster”, where the darker the hair, the longer it will burn. The differences between “white” and “bluster” are the type of colors you use. My hair color is “bright white”, which burns into the skin, and “blunt” which is white on white. There is also a difference between “white” and “bluster” by how the hair is cut as well as how it is dyed. Also, you can get white or red/yellow hair when the hair doesn’t burn as fast as normal. White or red hair burns much faster than yellow or blue, and so you will use more “white” when you use red hair color to “light” it up. What is the difference between “light” and “darker” hair? This is the most common question. In essence, a lighter hair color is defined as either “light blonde” or “light brown”. Basically, the darker the hair, the darker the color will burn. Most of the hair is actually blonde, so for an average woman her hair will be “blonde”. She doesn’t have much black pigmentation or any hair on her torso, just blonde hair. Therefore, if your hair color is “blonde”, that means that it will burn. It is a “light” color. If your hair color is a deep orange, for example then that will be a dark hair color. In other words, lighter/blunter hair color is defined as “darker/blunt”. So a dark hair color or a blonde hair color will burn more strongly. And a reddish or yellowish brown hair color or blonde hair color will burn very, very brightly. (See example below) Now that we understand “light” and ”
Jesus Being Beaten Drawing by Subhash Mathew

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