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Black, Rhodia Green, Red, Black

Waxed or uncut

What do I do when I’m finished and my drawing is not good enough?

After the drawing is done, I draw a copy of my sketch to confirm the look that I wanted and compare the two. I don’t have the ability to make an uncut copy when I’m drawing from a computer. I can’t do an uncut copy when I’m using a computer because I don’t have a sketchbook to work with.

Should I cut out my sketch before I start? My sketch is so thin and is not what I want.

No, we can’t draw without drawing. You have to know your sketch well enough to know that you are drawing something that fits into the space to which you have drawn. We can’t sketch with thin paper without leaving a thin space between two points on the paper to be drawn over it.

What happens if my drawings appear too long?

I have done many drawings which are very long, and I’m very satisfied with them. That was a real problem with me in the beginning. I had a very large project, and when I have seen many drawings with very small parts of them with very small lines, it makes me worry that my pencil is not sharp enough. So if I make many drawings which are very long (but not too long), I have not put much of a problem.

I want to do a sketch at home – how do I get my sketch in my hand?

Sometimes I will do a sketch at home. Sometimes, I draw all at once. Sometimes I have a drawing I want to do in my hand, and I may be on a plane or in a plane when I come back home, so I have to draw all at once.

Do I have to make a drawing before I can say a word?

No. If you want to make a word, you simply speak. But not for a word of one syllable!

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How many times can I use the pencil, and what’s the limit?

The limits are 2, 3, and 6 strokes, and the number of strokes varies depending on how many fingers you have.

I can’t draw anything more. I’ve used all of my fingers.

The hands are very large. At one stroke, I can get through most of the drawing. But this is not

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