Why is drawing important? – Pencil Drawing Girl Face Easy Step By Step

Here are some examples of the various kinds of things that happen when they happen.

1. Something happens that makes your character draw. A character will do one of two things: either do something that is meaningful to the plot, or draw something meaningful to the player.

a. The most important thing to a plot is to keep the players invested in the characters. So make sure players know things important, and don’t let them get off track.

b. A character has a lot if the things that happen to them. But if things just don’t seem to matter, then don’t tell them as much about what’s going on. Don’t force the players to do things for you.

2. Something important happens to a character. If the person is upset, or sad, or stressed about it, draw them a moodlet or something to comfort them.

a. If the player can feel the emotions, they will be more likely to do something meaningful to the plot. If they don’t feel the emotion, they will just stay and play.

b. The main thing to draw is some kind of thing the player cares about, like “The character is upset because her brother is cheating on her with another girl. Draw a story arc related to her upset that is interesting and funny. If possible, make it a scene so the player has a real reason for feeling upset.”

3. Something important happens to the character. The character becomes emotionally invested. A character will either:

a. Make a meaningful choice. Like getting emotional about or being interested in things that are important to the plot.

b. Draw meaningful things that make the moment make any sense. Like drawing an interesting scene.

4. Something important occurs to the character. Something that is important to the plot.

a. Draw the character getting upset about something important. If not, draw the character getting angry about something important.

b. Draw the character drawing something serious and meaningful. If not, the character will just stay and play.

c. Draw something meaningful to the player. If not, the player will just draw a sad or angry scene.

4.8: The Plot

When drawing the plot, the first thing to make sense is the character’s motivations in creating the plot. A good story isn’t one in which there’s no plot. It’s a plot with something important (and that something important is the plot) and then the

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