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I can see why everyone goes to the beach this weekend, even though it’s more fun to just watch them. It’s easy to draw interesting poses, but is it better to draw the most obvious poses (such as when people are walking down the beach) and not the more subtle ones (such as when someone is just being themselves). I’m actually fairly proud of the simple poses that people have drawn all summer, but I feel as if they are a bit boring because they often don’t follow the story that I hope to tell, and they tend to be just one dimensional. It just doesn’t cut it today, I think.

That’s all about today, I hope you guys enjoyed the blog and read the article as much as I did writing it. If you didn’t read it in my previous post (the most recent post is here), you can still read both and they are absolutely fantastic!

I love you guys!


As we reported earlier today before the new CFPB policy was issued, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been in a bit of a shambles since Trump took office in January. In recent weeks, it became clear that the new leadership could not have been more intent on making things worse, whether by attempting to roll up the CFPB into a federal agency or trying to push through a law that would repeal Obama-era protections for consumers and impose new rules on financial institutions to ensure they were in compliance with both the Dodd-Frank Act and consumer protection laws. (One agency director, Richard Cordray, stepped down in mid-February.)

Now we learn that the agency isn’t getting enough money to run properly. According to the Federal Reserve, the agency had only $4.5 billion in cash on hand at the end of the second quarter; it has almost $50 billion in unallocated reserves. That would be $4.5 billion in excess cash — enough to pay its staffers for an entire year in salaries, overtime and benefits — that it would need to close its books.

“There is a concern that the CFPB’s operations may be unsustainable absent additional funding,” Fitch said in a note to clients. “Without additional funds, the CFPB will likely be unable to perform its primary mission of protecting borrowers. Without adequate funding for its operations, the CFPB would likely be unable to maintain its current staff numbers and would be forced to scale down or scale up its operations.”

The agency would need

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