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A lot of contemporary dance is just a form of improvised movements that are performed on a dance floor. Some choreographers prefer using a form of improvised movements in their dance repertoire, like when the singer’s voice is changed to a different tone at the end of a song to move more quickly. And other […]

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Dance is a broad word, but here are a few basic classes you can pick up at any club: Spaces Gym Trance Swing Swing Classes If there are no classes coming up in your area, we offer a variety of classes including dance, swing, fitness, and yoga/ballet and more. What if I am new to […]

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Dancing is an art form with many forms ranging from solo, duets, and quartets to team and ensemble dances. What is your favorite dance? My favorite dance is the French Cajun! But my first dance is the Spanish Dancers and I loved that they were all really skilled dancers. What is your favorite sport? Basketball. […]