How do guys dance at clubs? – What Is Social Fluidity In Dancing Road

It’s different. First of all, you have to find people who want to dance. If you find some people, you just dance them, but if there are no girls, you have to take their clothes off.”

So they take you into a club where you have a partner?

“If people dance it’s just like in nightclubs…you are dancing and people are watching you, so you don’t really understand…that one guy was looking right at me! I got him for his underwear. Then we dance. It’s always the same: one guy puts his arm around me, the other one puts his arm around the first guy. Then the last guy puts his hand on my back. It’s so natural, but when you do it with a man it’s really hard.

“One night someone threw a bottle, and the guys were dancing like that. It wasn’t like it’s a beautiful place or the best dancers. They were dancing for themselves. You need a girlfriend or you have a problem – you have to dance. We have to go, we have to find the right girl – you have that life. I don’t care if it’s beautiful or not, if you don’t dance then your life is worthless.”

What is it like to work with your sister?

“It’s great fun. If anything I think she’s more talented than me, because she’s a singer. My parents say I’m talented, so I like to see what she’s doing. I like seeing all the different emotions she has.”

Does she write all the songs?

“Well, not everyone wants to sing, and you have an artist songwriting team who knows what they want and they know which songs are the most popular songs.”
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Do your songs sell?

“I’m not trying to be an artist. I don’t know how many people buy the albums but we did sell many records. In the future it is about doing that…to sell records, I need to do my best.”

You say you don’t know how many people buy your music?

“Yes, we are not sure if the fans buy the records or not. I could do a lot of research and write the songs I want to write.”

Are you planning a comeback soon?

“Yeah. If I have to I will not go into hiding, I will do this in the middle of the night. We will perform on American

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