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How does a single act of dance express its unique personality?

As dancers we’re part of a community of people working together to create an environment where we can be as comfortable as possible because we’re all very similar people who like to take dance as a kind of communal outlet for all kinds of emotions. This is a very good thing, because it can be very dangerous for people when they’re dancing in environments they don’t understand or which can be overwhelming. People can dance around a lot of things. Even when you’re dancing to love music and making a happy love song. So it’s about getting yourself right and using this skill you have.

Who would you say is a role model for this scene?

If you ask me I’d say one of the greatest people I know, or that I’ve met, is the Dalai Lama. You can hear the sound of his voice every time he dances. And I think this is the same for all of us. Everyone can learn something, you just have to practice and give what you got.

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What’s your favorite dance and how is it different than your other dances?

One of the most important dances I’m very into is the hip hop style. It’s a dance in a way that you don’t have to think, not that you can think, not that you can try to think. It’s a dance you just are. I really like a dance called the salsa. It’s the same style but you can really feel the energy in it. You can really feel the energy coming through. And that way when you’re dancing in a crowd, you want to see everyone doing their own thing at once.

What is your favorite music growing up?

I loved the sound of hip hop. I grew up listening to that all the time. I wanted to try to emulate someone like that, somebody I looked up to. I love the sound of the music.

What did you do before you became a dancer?

My father gave me my first lessons at 8 years old, and it was a really fun time in my life. I’d been going to shows and doing things to pass time in the evening and have time for the outside things. So I think that’s kind of what I did, and I took to it really well. I enjoyed my lessons, I enjoyed my performances. And I just enjoyed dancing.

Are you planning on following in your father’s footsteps by becoming a music teacher? What would you

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