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[2015-03-11 15:40:45] I think the whole idea is to be able to talk about your love of music from a variety of people [2015-03-11 15:40:58] Not to say that you couldn’t do it, but don’t just jump on that bandwagon because someone says it [2015-03-11 15:41:23] /r/GamerGhazi: ( ) [ [ ] [2015-03-11 15:41:25] heh [2015-03-11 15:41:33] people dont wanna see that theyre being manipulated [2015-03-11 15:41:42] it’s a pretty important thing to talk about, especially since we’re trying to find people of different backgrounds and identities in the game development field, because we are trying to see if some of the problems we see are shared by some of these developers. [2015-03-11 15:41:43] like people being called names on the internet [2015-03-11 15:41:50] and not just because it’s about sex but because it’s so weird sometimes [2015-03-11 15:41:57] I mean, I hear that sentiment a lot [2015-03-11 15:42:03] “oh but it’s about sex, lol” it’s like… like… [2015-03-11 15:42:14] I don’t know [2015-03-11 15:42:21] i just like people telling me “uh but it’s about gf” when they don’t know what it is at all [2015-03-11 15:42:21] But just talking about stuff about gender isn’t an easy topic

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