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And the people who make it will know exactly what I mean!

The internet

I believe the internet is the best tool available in society. If we don’t stop the rise of a society that ignores everyone, why on earth should we make use of a tool that was specifically designed to serve a specific purpose?

In order to stay in power, it’s not enough to just win elections or to run for office. We need to also understand what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, our politicians must have the ability to make an impact on their constituents’ lives, while also speaking their truth without the risk of repercussion. Otherwise, who’s to say how these conversations would work out in reality?

We all know what the internet offers us right now. For lack of a better reason, it’s a tool. It enables a multitude of new forms of self expression that weren’t even possible before. It makes it easy to find and explore new artists in a never ending web of music videos, articles, blogs and more. But this is not necessarily what we need.

The internet is not just a tool. It is a tool made to make us human. It’s as important as the bible in human history. It’s a tool to help people find their soul. And a tool to empower and make it happen. People are more effective when they are empowered. Without empowerment, it would be impossible.

What the internet can show us is that empowerment can be measured in multiple different types of things. It’s not just “we should be more empowered.” It’s as true that we will be more empowered if not if we become less reliant on those who are actually making us less empowered. There is a big difference between getting more and being more.

It’s time to let go of the idea that the internet only needs a platform to serve our desires. The internet can serve everything we need to know. It can help us understand the world and ourselves. It can connect us and it can inspire us.

And it can be used in more ways than you know.

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