Is Waltz a social dance? – Social Dance And Dance Mixers Pptx

And what does the name Waltz have to do with it?

Waltz (as in Walt) is a German dance, traditionally performed before a family meal. It refers to the slow dance of the human body: while moving on a platform, the individual steps back and forth.

What happens in Waltz when you play live?

Waltz gives you a lot of space and time to express yourself. We’re very expressive on our songs, and so in Waltz you have time to express yourself. That’s why we’re very specific with the song titles – they’re very descriptive, but also funny, and just fun.

Who taught you the Waltz? Why did you choose this genre?

It’s almost like an international language. We learned Waltz from a German teacher who was German. And then we moved to Mexico and played it with different Mexican people, and now here in Toronto.

Why did you chose it to write a dance?

I loved the way it was written, the rhythm, the movement of the lines. I had a lot of personal feelings about the concept. It’s a very abstract way of singing – the lines feel like they float on the air; I loved that.

What do you think of popular dance styles? And what about contemporary movements in dance like Oraéde. Can this genre fit into the modern day dance scene?

Well, Oraéde is definitely an influence on our work. But Waltz is more of a contemporary, or even contemporary movement. We use it to explore our own dance; some people might say we’re trying to mimic Oraéde. However, as a solo artist, I’m not particularly interested in being mimicked – that’s not important for me.

Why did you choose to name your album, Waltz, Waltz, Waltz?

I think the title relates to the fact that we are working on two albums simultaneously. One of them will be our first studio album, or one of our most recent tracks. We’ll release one of them first, and it will be an album that would fit better on vinyl than on CD.

Do you take this songwriting process with you on your travels?

Not really. We mostly work at home while we’re on the road. As soon as we got to the airport, we were back in Toronto and then in Mexico for a few days. As soon as we get back, we

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