What are all the different types of dance? – Social Meaning Geography

Dance is a broad word, but here are a few basic classes you can pick up at any club:







If there are no classes coming up in your area, we offer a variety of classes including dance, swing, fitness, and yoga/ballet and more.

What if I am new to dance?

Dance Basics will help you transition to dance even if you don’t know anything about dance. All you have to do is listen, get comfortable in the studio, and find your own groove.

Why you need to bring my own equipment?

If you have a dance class that uses a different set of equipment, we’ll be sure to accommodate them. In most cases, each class will include two dancers, two pairs of shoes, and a mat to practice on.

How long does it take to get a dance class?

It can be anywhere from one 30-minute class to four hours.

How long does it take to get certified?

It can take from 5 to 30 minutes for a beginner dance class to an hour and a half for a more advanced class.

When will I be able to practice?

We’ll be able to help you out right away with all of your dance and dance related questions.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes and No. We have an in-house insurance policy and we do cover your costs if your injury requires medical attention. No one would turn down a workout with an insurance policy! We are here to help you feel as comfortable as possible and we’re not there to force them to take you on as an employee.

I’m new to dance and want in on the conversation!

We’ve got a community that’s waiting to help you find your groove in one of the most exciting and fun communities to dance in! If your looking to join our dance community or dance community in any of the other dance categories, or you’re just curious about what life is like dancing in New York City – take a look at our site and see how we can help.

What kind of classes are available?

Gym classes are available daily from noon to 5 PM, swing classes are offered Thursday thru Sunday from 11am – 5pm, and a mix of dance classes are shown each Friday and Saturday evening. Our class schedule will change regularly,

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