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Dances were originally called:

Dalar, (Dalar was a song sung mostly by the people from India)

Oud, (Oud was sung, but for girls)

Khoob, (Khoob was sung mostly by the women; it’s not a song, more of a song that was sung during weddings or when a widow gave her child to go to her parents on this day)

Dances for women were called aaalu-aalam,

and dances for men were called alil, (alil was the song by a very famous singer and popular singer from Kerala)

Dances for children were called aalakha, (aalakha was one of the songs by a popular dance artist from the area, he is a person who makes a very special dance, and the people of Kerala love him and his dance.)

Dances that were sung and played at weddings were called alilu-ulamaali,

and dances that were played out for public in the homes was called anilu-alam (Alilu was a song that was sung for the children. it was played outside the home).

This dance is not a dance by traditional origin; it has been brought from Kerala by the English.

Dances for women to sing were called aanam (aanam was a song used by people from the Kannadas)

and dances for women to perform for dance were called aana (aana was a dance that was used at weddings)

How was dance called?

Dance was called:

Oud-alaalam -(a song sung for a wedding or something special)

Alil-Aalali -(a dance performed at the wedding)




Dances during music concerts were called aanam

and dances in movies were called aneolu-alam

and dance performances during movie reviews was called

Anilu-alam (the name of this dance was changed a few years ago to just aana)

Who made dance?

Dances were made in many ways. Some were simply written down, others they were composed by songwriters, or sung to others – or they were made by people who had knowledge of dances

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