What are social dances and dance mixers? – Social Dancing Near Me

This is a fun and entertaining way to learn how to mix the different dance forms that are considered “street dances” in a street setting, to make sure that you can learn about various dance forms in a street setting.


We have weekly dance lessons offered from the beginning of July through March every other Sunday. Please visit our Facebook page for more information to find the right class for your experience level. If you are a student or are interested in a coach/group, please contact us at info@jazzponystudio.org for more information.

Why does this class require me to be 21 years old?

This class is required for some of our classes on Tuesdays (3:30-4:15pm) which are open to the general public until 10:30pm on Tuesdays. All classes and dances can be completed and performed by participants who are age 21 and up. Please make sure any of the following requirements are met and check the calendar for any classes that may be limited to adults and/or students in school.

You will need our Student ID Card which is available at the front desk of this organization, if you are not attending class at the same time as our weekly lessons, you will have to obtain ID from a parent or guardian prior to a class. There is no fee to obtain student ID card.

You should bring your own towel if you will be mixing the different dance forms at our dance studio, because we don’t allow any loose towels to be worn on stage when mixing.

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