What are the 3 purposes of dance? – History Of Social Dances Examples

1. to gain satisfaction from life and/or entertainment.

2. to be in the presence of good and agreeable things.

3. to be free from sin. 1. In this sense, dance is an art. It involves a movement in which we use our body to move our selves to be in a good disposition. Dancing is also an art not only in the sense that the movements are done or performed on the ground but also to produce other effects. 2. Dance is an entertainment because of its pleasing quality. This can be explained in a few different ways. We have heard that people go to a dance and go into great enjoyment. A great deal of pleasure is derived from dancing; a person feels good from dancing. People love to dance because they enjoy being in a good disposition and dancing affords them an enjoyment of living life and enjoying all its pleasures. Thus it is not simply the pleasure of dancing that is the purpose of exercise and that makes it an art.

3. As we already know that dancing helps people achieve a good disposition, it makes them more inclined toward living a good life. A dancing person, by the grace of God, may be called a good, holy, useful, good-natured, moral, religious, and Christian. All these words express the idea that a person must be born a Christian before he is capable of living a good life. This also means that the Christian life becomes the most important thing we have. Every one must be a Christian and be born a Christian to begin living a good life. To be Christian means being aware of the Lord Jesus Christ—he is the source of our Christian life.

Therefore, if a person does not know Jesus as Lord and Savior, he should not think of dancing as a recreation or a diversion. If a person is born but doesn’t live according to the standards of the Church, he should not think of singing as a means for getting more enjoyment. We should be afraid of wasting time and money on useless activities. He should do his best to find people who are true Christians and who will be helpful in his endeavor to live true to the Christian life.

But what if the person wants to become a dancer and then wants to find a good Church and to find a good congregation? But if the person is a Christian and is not a slave to the world, then he can follow a path of true Christian living. I should like to explain in this regard that a dance cannot be compared to a good Christian Church

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