What are the 3 purposes of dance? – What Is Social Dance Mixers Ppt

To keep all the senses of the body and soul connected; to inspire and enthrall with music the highest pleasure we can experience; and to unite the individual with God—through a communion with the dance hall itself.

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The first intention and purpose of all dance in the world is to keep everyone energized—both mental and physical.

The music used in most contemporary dance schools today is either too simple—and lacking in spirit—or too abstract— and lacking in substance—or, worse, both. There are few dancing cultures who can’t easily say their music “makes no sense” as a result and then try to justify the use of their music.

This is an enormous mistake.

The purpose of all dance is to create and nurture a community of people united by love and mutual respect–so that they become like one soul, in the sense that they are able to communicate in an instant as long as they are connected to one another through their own personal music.

The purpose of an art form is to instill to all its members the highest sense of love for one another.

The purpose of dance is to become a means of expression and of communion between individuals within a community that expresses love for the Creator and its Creator; a community that honors our Creator, the Greatness of the Creator, and especially the Greatness of each individual, through personal relationships to the Spirit of the dance hall.

Dance is a form of prayer. It is a form of meditation. It is a form of initiation, as much as a religious practice. It is a form of expression of the most sacred emotion of existence.

Many dance companies in the modern world are not doing the proper things to get this right. Some of them are doing dance without a sacred element–like, say, the dance of a cow.

It’s a shame too, when dance schools who are doing their dance with such a low regard for ritual and ritual-oriented religious practices are often the ones trying to attract more members to their school. They take the idea of a school with a sacred element and try to “dance along” with it. But when their dance is not spiritual, it no longer speaks of a sacred place. It no longer speaks of sacred music and sacred dances. It no longer speaks of sacred dances as the symbols of the spiritual and eternal worlds. And because it no longer speaks of sacred dance as being a form of communication with the Spirit of God, what this

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