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What’s in your mind?

Social dance allows girls access to something that is considered “male.” But it’s not something that you will see in other boys. It is not “dominant.” It is something a little more feminine and a little more feminine looking. So it allows girls to have a little more presence. They can have fun or be a little more quiet, but it’s good for them to have a bit more presence, a little more energy. The beauty of the girls is not just in appearance, it’s the energy, the energy that is released. They are able to let go of the stress and the anxiety that happens when they get on stage. It’s easier to be relaxed.

Are there things that are hard to explain to a new audience?

There are so many things that you do when you dance well. Some girls have never done anything with their hair before. Some girls didn’t know what it meant to walk with their feet together. The things that you may have only learned in school, or seen something on TV or in a magazine, are things that you will have to learn by doing things as you go along. You’re going to be learning things on the floor the whole time. And it’s not like you’re just going to keep doing the movements until you get to a certain point. That won’t work for most girls because what will happen when they get down there is going to be too much for them to handle. And that can start them crying. It’s not easy.

A few girls have made the transition from being a dancer to going to college. I wanted to know about some of their plans.

They are going to be very happy at college. They are going to be very happy. I think that they were looking forward to that. They had all this expectation that they were going to get a degree that would bring them closer to graduation, and it’s been nice to see them doing well. A lot of them have had a lot of fun. They are just going to continue with their education and keep doing their dancing. They are going to have it down to an art form. I know that one girl’s dad is going to start taking her outside as well. He doesn’t like to sit at home, but he said he’s got to go be some kind of role model for her because she’s going to be so much better for it.

“It’s not like they are just going to keep doing the movements until they

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