What are the dance etiquette in social dancing? – Valley Social Dance Studio

“You should practice before your date or before a gig and work it into your routine,” said Ryan. The next time you’re planning to meet up for some social dancing, make it a point to ask your date how she performs and work that into your routine as well.

7. Use your body language

“You have to use your body language and make sure you’re in tune with where people are,” said Ryan. If you feel you’re at an “off” point in a dance, or the tempo isn’t right for you, work on your timing and the song.

8. Keep your eyes open

Don’t hold back your natural body language when you dance — be it through your body movements or through your eyes. Being spontaneous can be the secret of a great social dance. And while you never want to look like an idiot, having fun and dancing is the safest route.

9. Be polite — but not too polite

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If someone isn’t dancing with you, do your best to smile and dance like you meant to be there, but they weren’t on time, which can lead to a great dance. “A lot of social dancing is about the conversation you’re having with your group, being polite and respecting their space,” said Ryan. “If someone is going to be a dick, you’re better off staying away. But if someone is doing some good things in a group, be nice too.”

10. Have fun dancing!

“When I first moved out here, [social dancing] took some getting used to,” told Ryan. “It was a completely different world. It takes a while to get into,” he added. “But once you’re there, it’s really fun — and you can’t beat the social part of it.”

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