What are the rules of dance? – Social Dance A Short History

Can you dance to your own music?

“Yes! If I don’t feel a particular piece is right for that particular dance then I will try it by yourself. The audience will be there too and they will help out. As the performance goes on there will be changes in the piece – whether its a new choreography, adding a new sound or changing a tune. But if it’s the same piece from the previous night that I’m doing then the audience knows it. But I’m not doing everything on my own.”

Is there a danger you may become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of fans at your shows?

“Yes and no. I always try and limit it to the capacity of the venue, but at a show and at a particular venue I might find I need more people. When I’ve been asked to join festivals in the UK I’ve felt very welcome. If I’m at a festival somewhere else and I don’t feel like I can organise it, I’m sure the promoters and the artists will organise it better for me. I’ll always try to go and find out more because it isn’t just about me as an individual.”

How about working on stage with your favourite artists?

“Of course. If there’s a line-up and there is a piece I love that I’d like to work with then I’ll go. I know so many great choreographers; when I see them as little dancers or in the studio when I talk to them afterwards. For me it’s just a matter of being a part of it and doing the best that I can – but then I’m happy if they tell me what they think. The only thing that’s in place is that I am a dance teacher so they are happy for me. As well as the people I work with, there are the people who watch my work through the various venues and I can’t really complain.”

Will you be teaching anything to young dancers when your next show is over?

“I won’t be teaching any dance for that matter, but on the other hand I may be teaching something to the young guys who don’t have that experience or who are learning their skills from me. At this point in time I don’t really know, but I look forward to the day I’m working with people who are experienced and are taking that knowledge of the style of dance that I’m teaching and applying it to their own performances. In addition to being an educator, I’m also involved in dance competitions –

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