What are the three choreographic elements of dance? – Social Dancing Lessons Meath

All the moves are based on the moves we did when we were children, so you learn all the moves as we get older. Our routines are much less developed. We have to look at what’s next. There’s nothing to it, we don’t have to say ‘what are the moves?’, we just go do it. You go through a lot more than an older person. That’s a good thing. If you had to do it over again, you wouldn’t really do it the same.

Do you remember performing at the Olympic Games?

Yes, at the 1972 Vancouver games. For sure! I remember that was one of the first times that a dance was shown to the general public. Now if you go into a dance club and there’s two or three people in it, you would think ‘that’s weird’! I remember people watching it and having a great time, but there were a couple who really didn’t like it, and I had to laugh about that. It was very good, a very good experience, but then they wanted us back! So when I go back, people are going to say ‘that was really weird’. They aren’t going to laugh at me!

Do you have any advice for dancers today?

I would say the first part of it is ‘do something different’. Go see a musical theatre show. You’ll enjoy it. Dance in a nightclub. There’ll be nothing worse. If you really love a dance, there are things that go with it. You can do a choreographed routine and not think about it.

A ballet is so much fun. People say you have to go watch it every night but I think you just have to be happy.

[laughs] I like to think so! I just think that everybody’s a dancer and everyone’s enjoying themselves. They’re happy to dance. I just think you should put on a show every night. I think everybody’s happy.

What’s next for you?

I’m just about ready to start a new dance team, and I just have a new book coming out called ‘The Book of Dancing.’ It’s a little different because the book is basically about dancers. It’s very focused on the dance. But it will be for the audience, so you don’t have to have some special experience to like it. Everybody’s going to be really into this one! For now, all I can say is this: you’ll like them!


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