What are the types of dance? – Functions Of Social Dance

The most popular dance in the U.S. is called tambourine music. Tambourine music starts out as a rhythmic dance. For example, a person playing drums or bass guitar will start out playing the same rhythmic pattern, but will eventually change to something different. This is called the “dance of the second quarter.” The same applies to drums and flutes, but tambourine music is not as common because it has a very different feel for the dancers. Also the song should begin and end with a different rhythm.

Is it okay for children to practice dances?

Absolutely. Children under thirteen can move in a dance with adults. If it is a dance they enjoy, it seems to be easier for them to move than other dance styles. Children ages 16 and older can perform a number of different dance styles, such as bollywood dance.

Is it okay for children to learn a dance and go to a dance hall to see other children participate in tambourine music?

The dancing must be the focus of the session, not a part of other dancing techniques. Children should not be instructed in specific dance techniques or the types of dancing styles they can do because it might interfere with the other dancing techniques.

What should be included for an elementary or middle school dance lesson?

Generally an elementary or middle school class should have: a class name, such as “Basic Moves,” “Rappertone,” “Ladies and Gentlemen,” or “Brunette’s School,” the number of students, the purpose of the class, and the time of the day.

When teaching and showing children dance moves, it is important they remember:

Each child who participates should have his or her name written on the piece of paper in front of the class, so it is easy to refer to the dance. Children should know how much each piece of the dance costs and what they may or may not be paid for. For example, a female may be paid less because she did not dance well. Another example would be a male dancer could pay more for a piece because he did not dance well.

Be careful not to show inappropriate behaviors to the kids. For example, showing kids to dance the opposite direction from what their teacher is instructing them to do. Also, the choreography of a particular dance is more important than the name of the dance.

Do I have to teach children to do ballet?


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