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A lot of contemporary dance is just a form of improvised movements that are performed on a dance floor. Some choreographers prefer using a form of improvised movements in their dance repertoire, like when the singer’s voice is changed to a different tone at the end of a song to move more quickly. And other choreographers use dance to introduce an ensemble of people or perform scenes or scenes of different types or genres of stories.

What is the difference between dance choreography and improv?

An improv piece is often performed with minimal direction and requires improvisation. In dance choreography, the choreographer’s intention with the movements of the dancers is to move people in ways and patterns that are intended to be spontaneous and natural. These movements can be simple enough to be performed in a dance class and even less refined than your local band. Or they can be elaborate choreographies designed with sophisticated choreography, like an old-time ballet and other forms of art.

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A Russian Soyuz rocket carrying a Turkish satellite blasted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for the first time on Thursday.

Russian mission control and satellite operators at Roscosmos said the rocket launched successfully from the Baikonur launch pad at 7:35 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (4:35 a.m. at Moscow’s Ural Time), with the first stage lifting off just a little more than three minutes later in accordance with the plan.

The spacecraft is named Beyaz, a Turkish company that develops weather satellite technologies. It was packed into a Soyuz rocket for liftoff from a Russian-leased Baikonur spaceport.

SpaceX is supplying an Iridium Next 5 spacecraft for the Turkish launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The three-stage Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Iridium Next 5 lifted off from the same pad on Sept. 9.
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This time, SpaceX’s Antares rocket also carried Iridium Next 5 and the new satellite.

SpaceX’s launchpad for Iridium NEXT 5 is located on the former U.S. Air Force’s Launch Complex 37. It stands just a couple of hundred yards away from the former Space Shuttle Launch Pad 39A.

Wednesday marks the second of a series of launches

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