What dance means to me? – Classification Of Social Dance

Dance means to me what religion means to somebody else. It used to mean to me the same thing. It was just a different way of speaking. You know, dancing meant to me it was like a ritual of love and it seemed to be important for a man to dance and for a woman to dance with him and for a man to make love to his wife with a dance. It just happened. And so I guess I never really knew much about dance.

Are you still a dancer?

Yeah. I used to dance with a girl but I never had a girlfriend. So my life is quite different now. I love to dance. I was always interested in dance. I think dancing helps you become a nicer person. It helps you cope with your problems more easily and if you can do that then the world is a better place.

Would you say you are an empathetic person?

Yes. I am empathetic. I think I have a natural capacity to see the good in everyone. I also believe in compassion. Everyone is an animal and I believe there was a great deal of compassion in me, from a very young age and I continue to hold that philosophy to be true today.

Now, how do you respond to criticism from people who want you to have a “correct life” and to refrain from the good things?
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I understand that criticism can be difficult, especially when you have no control about your actions. But I think I have been very fortunate that I have never had any problems with the world. I am not like most people today, when it comes to my choice of entertainment. I am able to choose. I don’t have to listen to anybody who can tell me what I did wrong. I understand that they can see I am not who I used to be or how I behaved. I understand that I am not who I used to be but I still have the ability to choose.

Does this influence your relationships?

Yes. It affects everything in my life. And when I am a woman I know that I may be treated differently because I am a woman. The idea that I am a bad mother because I do what I like and do more, doesn’t enter my mind. I am like a bird of a different cloth. In these moments I can choose to focus more on other things and try to be the person I want to be and make love to other people like I used to do, so this is a great

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