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It’s a place where women can dance and feel confident without being judged or talked over.
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The event was held on March 13, 2014 as an open-event for all women to learn to dance safely. It was designed to take place in a relaxed environment and encourage dancing with music – a safe space in which to dance without fear.

This is a safe space to be who you are, no matter that gender identities are not always neatly laid out by culture, media or our own internalised norms. So, if you haven’t seen one of our films, you’ll like some of the other videos.

You can also watch our online videos.

I have spent my life playing, learning and discovering to make art, and have seen great artists rise up to compete with each other. The art for which I have the most pride and confidence is the work of all-time great masters of their field. The works of such masters will forever be in the memory of my children and their children, all generations of art-hating, ‘hated’ children, and I assure you that I will not rest until they are remembered and honored.

In my opinion of all-time great artists, two men are indisputably my heroes- Charles M. Schulz, or Edgar Allen Poe.

There’s a reason for this- in his later years, Schulz became obsessed with Poe. The man was a unique specimen. He was a master of a style that became increasingly popular in the early 20th Century…the surrealist style.

As many of you know, my grandfather Charles Schulz was an avid reader of Poe. The two were best of friends. He even wrote a children’s book, which depicted two brothers reading books together- the book is called “The Brothers Grimm.”

In the book, the brother would read to his brother, and if the book was good, the brother would give him money. These kinds of stories were so popular that the brothers themselves would go on to publish a series of Poe books called ‘The Raven’ in the 1920’s.

I remember one of the stories that they did. This was in the early 20th Century, and some of you may know this story. It was about the boy who was reading The Raven and his friends who had trouble sleeping. Some of them would say things like, “We really want to get up, but we sleep like dogs.” The boy in the story says, “You don’t understand,

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