What dance means to me? – Social Meaning Definition

Why do you dance with me so much? I don’t understand. You said you have no ideas, but you know me well. When I said I don’t know, I meant that I know so much more than I can put into words. Then why do you dance with me, so much?”

Zhu Yi’s smile became a bit sad.

“Do you truly think that my dance is something that no one can comprehend?” Zhexiu was still quite shocked.

“Of course not. Why do you think that I have no ideas? Who does have ideas, anyway? There’s even some people who have all the possibilities, but are only thinking of the ways to solve problems and not the solutions. I have ideas. In fact, I can only communicate with others through dance, and I can’t communicate with you with words. You have never seen me dance before, so you can’t understand.”

Zhu Yi smiled, “I also came here with the intention of giving you something more than just words. I have the ability to communicate with the world in a variety of ways. Your dance isn’t very good, but it could at least be called good enough.”

Zhexiu’s face became a bit embarrassed.

At this moment, his eyes were looking towards the sky to find someone. He wanted to look out for someone.

“Master, you’re probably thinking of someone, but you haven’t found out. If you want to know his identity, then tell me it by yourself now.”

Zhexiu was extremely nervous, but he didn’t resist. “I don’t mind if you ask. Master, I can communicate with the world at all stages. I don’t care who is watching.”

Zhu Yi immediately became a bit irritated. His gaze changed. He knew the reason behind his expression. He didn’t have to fear a single person in the world.

“You can’t be my friend in the future, you know?” Zhexiu frowned. He had never met him in his entire life.

Zhu Yi smiled. “If I can’t be your friend in the future, then who can I be? I can only be your friend when I have this relationship with him. I never really liked him at all, but since he is also my friend and he can also know me, then I can only be your friend, right?”

Zhexiu took a deep breath. He knew that

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