What dance means to me? – World Of Dance Social Media

Dancing for me is when I feel like I am on stage doing something. The moment I want something really bad, I want to dance like that. When I feel like it is okay to dance, people respond. When I let the music drive me, I am very happy.

What is your favorite song?

Songs just for my own dance. I think of songs that I feel can help me achieve my goal. I think of a song that you can dance to so well – like “Piano.” Every time I listen to that song, I can dance to it. Sometimes I don’t even listen to the lyrics.

Are there any dance genres you are not interested in?

Dance genres, no.

What is your favorite video game genre?

Well, I like to play online games, I don’t really play music. I have played that one and that one a lot, but it is not really my thing. I like to play multiplayer games.

What is your favorite movie genre?

I like to watch movies from the 1920’s and earlier, in general. I think movies from the 1920’s and earlier are interesting for me because they are not a certain time. I feel I can get an idea of what was happening.

Why didn’t you get into fashion?

Well, I was more excited about being a pop star. If you look at the way I moved, it did not make me a fashion person. I was more excited about doing something cool. I was more like “I want to do crazy fashion.” I was thinking that if I were a pop star then I could be all cool while doing crazy fashion. I don’t mind doing crazy fashion. But then again, you’re not supposed to rock the ’60s and don’t get sued.

“It was a lot of stuff like that.”

Who were your biggest inspirations?

My idols were Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Michael Jackson?

I was totally obsessed with Michael Jackson. I listened to everything he did from before his career – “Thriller” to “Beat It.” He became my hero. I started reading what he was writing.

Did you sing Michael Jackson songs yourself?

I tried, but I just couldn’t sing the whole “Thriller” song. Michael Jackson is a guy that is always in my head – but I would try. But I wouldn’t be Michael Jackson.

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