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The question is often asked. To understand what it is, we need to think of the process as an analogy. This is what happens in creative dance: an idea and a goal are proposed, and then the creative process proceeds to determine what it will become. When a composer or actor comes up with a particular idea, how do they proceed to write or create a specific work that would reflect their ideas? To understand this process, it is helpful to reflect on creative choreography, where the same process takes place.

Creative Dance: An Example

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For those more interested in the details of a particular dance piece, you can also refer to my article What makes choreography creative? and other similar resources and articles. For now, keep the explanation to a minimum and imagine some examples to begin with. If you do not already have the choreography, create a project. This project should be designed to provide a baseline for the dancers in your dance to follow in order to create a set of patterns and rhythms that can be used throughout the project. The project should also have a clear goal, such as achieving the artist-centered aesthetic that the artist is looking for.

Herein lies all the important elements of the creative dance process: a conception and a goal, and then the creative and collaborative process in action. I hope you can find inspiration to further explore this topic as it is something that can also be used for others or as a foundation to help guide choreography for performance.

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