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As I was watching this video, I started with the title of the video, “The Future Is Dancing: A Video” because it was one of those videos that was designed to make us all look at the world in a different, and hopefully interesting, way. It is kind of a hip-hop dance video, and one that I think will help kids who will be learning to dance to be more comfortable in this world. That being said, I don’t think it will have anything to do with all of the other hip-hop dances like the “pops” or the “dance of the century” or anything like that. This is just a dance that’s supposed to look like a ballet, or a hip hop dance that’s meant to look like a hip hop dance. It’s supposed to have its own way of dancing to it, and hopefully it will be able to bring people together. And if I were to teach people a little bit more about what a dance in its own right is, I think that would help me teach, too.

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There’s always been a certain kind of movement and that’s always been there, but what it’s become to be really effective in society today, and especially in America, is to have that movement to have your hand raised up, and to say, “Look, I’m not just talking about me as a human being. I’m talking about you as a human being. I’m talking about your culture. I’m talking about your life in this society. I’m talking about your life right now. I’m talking about the lives that you’re living right now that have nothing to do with me, but I want to have a chance to help in some way.”

That’s what the video is about. That’s what the goal of the dance is. I hope we can make it a little bit more fun, and more uplifting, and more inviting for people to go in there and share in what we’re trying to do here. Because I don’t think we all have the time to watch as much as we could. Not everybody’s going to have a whole bunch of time to tune out if they’re not going to tune in at the same time. That’s the issue with entertainment, especially live entertainment, even now with the TV, with the radio, even with the Internet, with all of this technology that’s out there in the world. There is no time to just sit down and really check out what is out there. It takes

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