What is dance performance? – Sydney’s Best Social Dance Salsa

It’s a visual art and a performance art. And it’s very simple. It’s for the audience to see what the dancer is doing. It’s for the audience to be interested, like you in a dance class, to want to watch what is going on. So, it’s one of the few art forms in the world that is about the audience watching what is happening when it is really happening.

Inside the History of the Foxtrot
Now here’s another difference between dance performance and other kinds of art. It’s the difference between art and theater. Theater is a performance of a play or a musical. Dance is about the audience being there for the performance of the dance. I guess this is a good enough definition to define performance art: it’s art with the audience.

Let me repeat this. Performance art is art with the audience as an audience. The audience is there to see what is going on and what is happening to the dancer. They make the choice to be there. I am talking about performing art and I don’t mean just dancing. I am talking about artistic expressions and performance.

So when dancers do ballet work, they are using the tools of performance and performance and that means that they know how to perform and they have a style of dance. In the sense that if a dancer has a style of dance, it means that they are very skilled at performing this style of dance. It also means that there is an idea here that if they are very skilled in it, it must be good. It must make me want to buy the item. This is true of every performance art form such as painting or sculpting. In fact, the best painted work of any art form, if you ask me, is the best sculpture of any art form because it makes me want to buy the painting. This is because it is based on an aesthetic principle.

For instance, when I look at a picture of flowers. I can look at the picture and say I like the picture. I say “You know that’s beautiful” and go to buy the flowers. But this is different. When I see the flowers, I say “You know I like them.” It doesn’t mean that you have to like the flowers, it doesn’t mean that you want me to buy the flowers or that you want to buy a bouquet. It means that what I see in the picture made me think that the flowers are beautiful. They are beautiful. As an artist, I would always say what’s beautiful is what makes me want to buy

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