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Modern dance has always been a broad term that describes any form of dance that is composed of a dance movement that is characterized according to modern standards used in choreography and dance theory. As is often the case in today’s dance world, modern dance styles are a blend of several dances with other influences. The term “modern” is no longer a blanket term, so it often changes.

Dance today is a complex mixture of modern and classical approaches to dance and style. With a multitude of ways of performing contemporary or classical dance in many contexts, dance styles can differ significantly even from one another. For example, African-Americans and American Indians in the United States have adapted dance to create dance styles that are often considered sub-cultural and distinctive. They may have practiced dance traditions in a particular context for tens of thousands of years, and at that time no one considered the concept of modern dance as part of a national or historical tradition.

Why is it important to study dance styles?

Modern dance (or “modern art dance”) is based on dance that evolved over thousands of years and is still being played on modern dance floor today. Therefore it is important to see the origins of the ideas, dances, and styles that have been developed and refined over time. The history of dance can tell us a lot about the concepts of freedom, independence, and liberation as we explore modern dance today.

We are not looking just at dance styles and styles from the past. There have been many other historical figures that have influenced the modern dance scene, such as Charles Bukowski and Robert Smithson, both famous for their writings and songs. These two examples were both born in the United States and came to dance while they lived.

The purpose of studying dance is to learn about what life was like prior to the age of freedom and the movement of modern dance. The most important purpose of studying dance is to help people define what they think they know about the history of that time period.

Why do we study dancing?

Why study dance? One of the best reasons to study dance is because it provides an essential understanding of the evolution and development of culture and what it took to make something “art.”

Studying dance helps us understand and interpret historical and current cultural ideas and practices that will help to explain and define our culture.

When we are studying and interpreting contemporary American culture, understanding the evolution of dance is especially important.
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To be clear, this study of dance is not based

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