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Rumba dance is a dance that is played in the traditional ways of the Philippines. It is composed of two rhythmic movements: the Rumba, which sounds like a slow slow rumbling noise, and the “Yayar, ” which is made in the same rhythm and with the same sound. They sound similar to one another and both movements are performed together. The name “Rumba” refers to the first movement that is played on one side and the second movement played on the other.

The Rumba, known as “Para-Rumba,” is the most widely practiced style at a dance camp in the Philippines. It is often associated with the traditional indigenous ethnic group who call themselves Ayu, also known as “People of the Woods.” These Ayu people are the people of the mountain and the forests, living in the highlands of central Luzon. These people are the only people on the island, despite most native Filipinos being from the island of Mindanao (where the area is famous as the cradle of Philippine history) and other areas on the island. The traditional Ayu people believe that the land lies within them, and the people are one. It is common for traditional Ayu people to call themselves “Pasau” or “Motherland” in their native languages, which means “land beyond the mountains” or “highlands.”

The “Yayar”, or long slow “Yayar” consists of two parts, first, the rhythm of the sound “Yayar”, then the sounds of “Yayar” are combined to make the final “Yayar”, a quick and rhythmic sound. “Yayar,” is a traditional Philippine dance.

The dance form’s roots lie in the native Ayu people who call themselves “people of the woods” who live in the highlands of central Luzon. The Rumba is a slower style than the Ayu music. The Ayu music, with its more rhythmically oriented, more rhythmic sound, is sometimes called “Yayan” in the Philippines. The Rumba is generally heard in the Philippines where it was originally performed in a traditional style until about the 1920’s.
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What is it about the Rumba that attracts people?

The Rumba dancer is generally considered to be a male. There are exceptions. Men dance, and men hold hands in Rumba, and have sex or have sex in a R

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