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Do you have more than one dance?

Yes, it is very easy to practice dancing with a partner. The reason that social dancing is not a good example is because it is usually very boring to the point of boredom. We cannot be in this situation for long and have fun.

What do you like most, dancing? I like learning.

I like learning, but I also like listening better than dancing to a beat.

How long will you be studying dance?

I hope one day to be in a position where I can practice dancing. However, I need enough time to be comfortable doing it.

Do you have a favorite music? Music I am listening to right now is J. Cole’s “Turn Down For What”.

I have not heard “Turn Down”. But in general I am fascinated by any musical genre. I can imagine different styles such as J. Cole, Pharrell, DJ Kool Herc, Big Star, The Game and BTS. And I also would like to become a member of a group who sings different vocals with different vocals. I can imagine if that happens, I wouldn’t even have to be there during “Turn Down” concerts.

Can you get close to other people? What do you do? Do people have the same idea in their mind who you will become?

Yes I do, but in a very limited way. The most difficult thing is when I have to face other people in certain situations.

Does it make people uncomfortable when you walk away from them?

I am so used to that kind of attention which makes people uncomfortable. People who are around me will recognize me even if I don’t see them. I also sometimes forget I am there. For example, when I was asked to play a show.

If you see an important person, do you want to give what you have or do you feel obliged?

I want to give all I have because people always ask for more from me. If I see that I don’t have any, I feel that I have failed.

What did you learn from the people who taught you?

I learned a lot of techniques such as when to pay attention to others and when to keep it simple. I learned which movements to perform.

Is it difficult to follow all the rules and rules are important in the dance, especially in social dance?

It is quite easy because people know what the other person is doing.

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