What is social dance and examples? – Different Types Of Social Dance Throughout History

Social dance is a term used for dance performances and dances that combine elements of dance with live musical instruments. A typical dance would be a variety of movements and music, usually performed solo. Social dance is often choreographed.


Social Dance at the New Orleans Dances Festival

What are the differences between traditional and social dancing?

Traditional and social dancing are similar, but social dancing emphasizes one form of dance and is performed with a live musical accompaniment. However, when the act of social dance is performed with a live musical accompaniment, there is a significant difference in the overall feel of the social dance. The more social dance a dancer performs with a live musical accompaniment, the more natural and spontaneous it is.
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The social dance can be performed solo, in pairs or even combined. However, the style of the social dance or its performance can depend upon the style of the dancer and the stage settings. For example, in some contexts, a pair of dancers may perform a dance for others with a live musical accompaniment. In other cases, the social dance is more formal and often includes a full orchestra, including a chorus and even a choir.

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