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Dancers are an integral part of the social dances. Dance is a very beautiful art form, but at the same time, we find that it’s a very powerful tool for communication. It was the very first social dance which is not only about physical dance, but also about language, and language plays a role in how we deal with everyday life, at school and sometimes in our everyday life. Dance can give us an amazing opportunity to communicate and to give people the opportunity to learn about each other. I think this is why people like dancing and are passionate about it. It has got a great tradition and it’s a great way of giving our voices to be heard.

Are your students involved in any dance clubs?

I think my most important thing is that they understand the importance of dancing and that it’s a powerful way of communicating. That’s why we have our social dances. At schools like this, we have all the clubs we should have anyway, and it’s nice that we have a little bit better understanding of what they’re doing and that people of both sexes get involved. It’s part of our national celebration of dancing. Our school doesn’t have a lot of clubs in England and I think because of that we’re able to teach them about the basics. They can be taught about the history of dancing and also how to be a good dancer, how to be a good listener. We have a whole range of dances that they can learn about and that helps a lot. I think it’s important to teach our girls to be self-sufficient and to have a sense of confidence. I also think it’s important to be around dancing all the time. We have a big dance room here in the school, so we have dance parties at all times of the day or nights. I think we’ve got our own unique feel and that is reflected in the environment that our classes are in. We have the dance party which we started six months ago, which has been fantastic. It’s a great way to have a lot of people to dance with and everyone’s really into it.

What do your dancers look like?

They vary from school to school, I think that is our main difference. Some of them will have had a year abroad, but the main thing is that they want to be themselves and not like looking like dancers from Japan or from Europe. It’s just part of being a good dancer and I think that’s the difference between my girls and my other girls. I look for all the

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