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Social dancing is the practice of making contact with other people’s bodies in any way that is considered socially acceptable; from hugging on the street to kissing in public.
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Social dancing is sometimes referred to as “drumming” or “dancing”, and is considered to be both harmless and important (as a form of social dancing).

The first “drama” occurred at a social dancing event at the Royal Victoria Hospital in London in 2003.

The first “social dancing” event to be filmed took place at the Royal Victoria Hospital and was filmed in London.

The act of social dancing was first recorded on film in the 1970s by the American documentary “Famous Dancers”.

It was first documented in the United Kingdom through the Channel 4 programme “The Story of Dance”, in 2004.

History [ edit ]

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The idea of social dancing and the term “drama” were first put forward by British dance teachers in the 1960s. Dancing was an important part of social life in Britain during the Victorian era, with many people coming together in groups and sometimes having social drinking parties or dances. The use of dance had been popular during the early period of colonial settlement, and social dancing was a common feature of these dances.[3]

The term was first brought to the attention of the public by the popular television series, “The Story of Dance”, which aired in the early 1970s. The series was aimed at young people and was based on interviews with well-known dance and performance teachers, many of whom were teachers at the Royal Victoria Hospital in a particular school as well as visiting members of the community. During the program, the dance teachers, in many cases, were asked whether they were involved in social dancing events.

The program had an impact on British society, as most people believed that social dancing was a social activity. During the 1970s, dance education centres were established which provided dance instruction to adults in the community. Many social dancing events were featured in the new series as well. The new series gave audiences the impression that social dancing occurred almost everywhere in the UK. However, this idea was challenged by an article by Martin Kemp-Smith in the Sunday Times newspaper on 28 March 1978, which stated that in all the dancing events shown, the main feature was the fact that the dancers did not meet before the event. The fact that the main feature of the dance was not “meet before dance” was a significant

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