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The words of one of the original Social Dancers, “social dancing means that the people of this town, who know each other so well, and whose habits of life so closely correspond to the needs of social life, spontaneously work together to provide a more complete and complete satisfaction of the needs of the community.” This last saying, by the way, was spoken by one who was speaking in his own right. “We must take advantage of our common understanding,” the social dancer explained. “We must take advantage of the time we have for talking, for laughing, for laughing a little, for doing what we must do for the sake of our common life.” Social dancing has been so deeply entrenched into the fabric of our society that it is almost impossible for us to understand or even believe that other people might consciously be engaging in it. Yet every Saturday evening, we come together in various parks, and sometimes in the dark night, to dance together to this dance. We don’t have to take the time to think up what the choreography might even be, just as people don’t have to go through the motions of the most famous song cycle at the beginning of a movie before they can understand that it is not at all obvious from the beginning what is going on down there, and at the end of the film they realize what it is actually about and it is so moving they want to stop it at that point and just enjoy what they have been seeing for hours. It is no wonder that when people in our society begin to see the great significance of our very existence, they begin to ask the obvious questions: Why are we born and raised in such a way that our children will probably not have to be brought up to be social dancers? Why can’t we find a way of living together that would bring us all closer together, and not just the privileged few? Why do we not have more democracy, more social solidarity, like the societies we know elsewhere in the world? In the name of these questions we begin to dance, and we also have to go about trying to figure out how we can create this kind of society, of social dance, for the sake of our common life. Social Dancing and the Movement Against Racism It is a fact that for centuries the dances of the Negroes in this country have been considered not just as a means to a particular end, but as part of a whole social dance, of a whole way of life based on the fundamental freedom of the human person. The freedom of the human body that the Negroes must
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