What is the easiest couples dance to learn? – History Of Social Dance

There really aren’t any bad couples dances to learn, unless you’re the bad one.

What are the most popular couples dances?

There’s this one thing where men have all these crazy, wild moves and women really don’t dance them at all.

When did you first see how much people wanted to dance together?

When we moved here, I got this job as an engineer. I didn’t have a car, so I’m literally dancing for my car back home. And I didn’t even have to do it, just walked outside to do it. If you’ve ever seen a dance club, there’s always lots of dancing, and there really is a lot of people in there.

How has the relationship with music changed over time?

We moved out here on Christmas day and it was a week of nothing but music, and it’s almost entirely now. And it’s actually quite fun, we have a lot of parties.

Who do you like to dance with?

In general, I like people who are into dance, like a little punk rock vibe. I like guys who can dance with me, and I like guys who aren’t like me at all, like an African, a white, an Asian, a girl, anyone with a name in any language, because I don’t like names at all!

You started a group dance party. How do you find people who know what you’re all about?

It’s difficult, as the place is full of DJs, but all the girls are super nice, so you just have to ask. People who do dance, they can dance well together.

I also love dance parties where people do things like this, I’ve played a couple here on my own and it’s like ‘Oh I really like this dance’, but I haven’t seen any of those places since.

And one girl, I asked her who’s her favourite? And she said she loves dance! She goes to dance parties everywhere she goes, we hang out, it’s all really really fun.

Which dancer would you like to collaborate with?

I think I’m not that much into collaborations, so yeah I would like to dance with someone. I like people who are into dancing, people who can dance well, people who are like me but really weird, you can’t talk to them, it’s funny.

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Do you do any dance shows?

Yeah, we have

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