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How will you improve if you are looking for new material?

The hardest thing to learn is doing anything really. It is easy to do your favorite song (a dance or a song that is just boring) and you can do it really well, but then how you’ll do your partners can be really rough with that song. It is hard to dance anything, especially anything you aren’t going to do. The hardest thing is to master that one dance. Sometimes it takes a few years for a partner to learn it, sometimes it takes 2 years. You have to be very patient. Sometimes you won’t be able to do everything, but you don’t have to think “I have to do every dance to be a very good partner, I have to be the best dance teacher in the world.” It can be that easy. But you have to be so patient that you have confidence in it. You just have to be patient that you get to be an active dance partner and feel very happy and enjoy all the joy, and the joy, and the fun. You have to believe in it, and the confidence and joy can come with the practice of doing it. You don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to worry.

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What do you think is the single most important quality a student has in order to succeed as a dancer?

My biggest one is confidence. You have to believe in your skills. That’s what the confidence is for: to believe in your skills and believe you can dance well because you’re a really good dancer – not just good at the routine, and it’s not so. You have to have the confidence in yourself to be good at doing the choreography and have confidence that you can, really, really, move, you’ve learned how to move well. That is the single biggest one, the thing I’ve learned from doing the best dance coach and my most important experience. I’ve made people better because of that.

What lessons can you give the reader that they’re going to start dancing with, that they are going to want to look for throughout their dancing career?

I want to tell them this: dance doesn’t have to be a very serious thing. It’s fun! The most important thing is not to be afraid if you don’t have the confidence. You don’t have time to practice when you’re not dancing. Just because you’re not afraid of dancing. It’s one thing to practice all the time, it’s a different thing to

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