What was ballet originally used for? – Social Dance Lessons Near Me For Adults

To create the illusion of motion without actually creating or moving any body.

Did you ever use it to get a reaction in a dance class? Absolutely! I went to an all-boy dance class where it was literally about how much people knew. I was at the top so I would never get a “How dare you!” when someone tried doing that. It used to take some getting used to, and I would have to go into the teacher’s office and say, “I don’t want my teacher to be my girlfriend. I want that teacher to be my boyfriend.” I knew they didn’t really know how to coach and I knew it was a lie to them but it was kind of fun to know where someone was coming from.

What do you enjoy about dancing? I used to love ballet because it was so dramatic and it was so much fun. I would also like to dance a bit more now but my legs are just so weak right now.

Who do you like best? My mom! She’s very good at dance. She just keeps me smiling all the time and encouraging me. She doesn’t make any judgement about who I should play with or if I can sing or dance. She always knows if I’m really into it.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done when you’re drunk? Drinking was never my intention. I just wanted to enjoy the music and the dance. I’ve danced with two guys who got drunk on vodka and it didn’t take long to get them into a compromising position. When I was really drunk, it was always with my friends.

What’s on your bucket list now? Going to the world’s best ballet school.

What do you see yourself doing after you retire? I’d love to travel and travel the world and go everywhere. I’d also love to start a foundation to help other kids learn ballet (hopefully all across the world) and teach them how to dance.

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Types of Ballroom Dances

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