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Are you a DJ or is this just an opportunity to get some free air time?

Drake’s “Hotline Bling” has always been something of a curiosity when it comes to streaming, largely because of the relatively small amount of time that the song spends on a radio loop. With that in mind, Drake has released a steady stream of live performances, and this Saturday night, The Social Experiment will play Drake’s “Hotline Bling” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, New York.

Tickets are currently available for ticket holders only, and can be purchased here. We’ve also published the full list of artists that will be playing the show (plus links to purchase tickets).

UPDATE: Ticketmaster confirmed that there will be a presale starting Thursday and ending Friday. The show will be $32 and is being marked as “premiered Saturday May 14th” — a Friday. There will also be online ticket sales for the ticket price on Sunday, May 15th.

UPDATE II: Tickets are now on sale for the show and begin at $30 and go on sale at 10 AM PT on Friday. They go on sale next Monday, May 16 at 12 PM PT.

UPDATE III: The ticketing is live and confirmed. You can purchase tickets here.

A video of the incident in which former Manchester United player Gary Neville says he is “really uncomfortable” following a conversation that was a little too close with the Chelsea team-mate Antoine Griezmann is going viral.

Neville was discussing the game in Monaco when he says he felt a physical contact on his chin that he “felt like I’d been hit with a sledgehammer, but my chin is just a little too big for that”.

However, the defender denies having made any comment and Griezmann denies having been involved in the incident, at least not verbally.

Griezmann denies being involved in the incident.

The France international was seen on a video clip chatting to Neville and a female assistant of some sort and was said to have spoken “kind of nervously”. The Chelsea team-mate then walks towards him and seems to offer an explanation as to why he is the way he is and how difficult it must be on top of everything in the transfer market to move to Chelsea – a player who has made a fortune at the French club.



However, the former United striker doesn’t take the hint and continues what appears to

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