Who is the best hip hop dancer in the world? – Social Dance Meaning Quotes About Positive Energy

[laughs] The best hip hop dancer that I’ve seen in this space is Jaz-Dogg. And I love that guy.

How many shows a day are you on?

We have three months in a day right now. So sometimes, I’ll do 14 shows a day, sometimes I’ll do 24, sometimes I’ll do a couple of shows a morning. And it just depends when I feel like it, because I’m usually really, really lazy. So we’ll just split up a handful of our morning shows, and we’ll watch a documentary or something. And it’s pretty easy, because I don’t think anyone’s ever made an hour or two of music videos. You just have to do it, it’s so simple, and we can just play it like an hour of music videos and we’re all good to go.

So with our show, we’re going to try to push some boundaries. There’s a couple of rappers that we like, but they’re a little different than the ones we were talking about when we first started making this show.

So, on the production side of the show, we will probably be taking something that we’ve been thinking about since we’ve been doing this show for ages: video mixing. That’s always been on the backburner of our ideas since we started making this show. But now, because of what we’re trying to make, this is how it’s been going to be, basically.
Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Princeton in Princeton, NJ ...

One of the things that I wanted to mention is that the producers for this show are gonna start the show like this: we’re gonna use all the beats for the show, we’ll just put some beats on the air, make sure that they’re really dope, and then, as the hosts of [our show], we’re gonna make some comments, so that it’s very, very real.

We’ll start the show by talking about what the show is about. We have a lot of people from the industry that we can bounce the ideas of, but this show, for the first episode, we’ll be really, really real with it. It won’t be like, “OK, it’s about Jay-Z.” It’s going to be “I’m having a great time listening to this song that I made” or “I just saw this scene. I love this scene” and then, from there, we’ll just go about our talk show.

With everything that’s going on,

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