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Who did Drake get drunk with last night? Who made an epic rap battle with Justin Bieber and how did it go? Who did Lil Wayne have sex with as a teenager and how did he turn her onto a new drug called Molly? This episode is for you. We discuss Drake, Lil Wayne, Macklemore and how their lives have changed and have a huge Lil Wayne fan conversation. This was a real life battle. Free View in iTunes

4 Explicit Episode #98 – Hottest Rap Drama Ever If you love the rap battle scene like many do, you will know you are missing out on a true story. This episode is for you. We discuss how the hottest rap drama ever got started. Will Drake and Rick Ross ever reunite? Who did Kanye say he loved the most? We discuss. We also talk about Lil Wayne’s beef with Drake and what happened to him after he was removed from the “Neverland” tour. Free View in iTunes

5 Explicit Episode #97 – The Worst Hip Hop Riots Ever! This episode you may have missed. We discuss the Worst Rap Riots Ever – The Riots In Detroit, Brooklyn, Miami, Chicago, and New Orleans during the early 2000’s as well as what some of them looked like and who took credit for some of the worst things that happened that day. We also talk about Lil Wayne, Drake, and the Hip Hop world in general. This episode was a complete disaster. Free View in iTunes

6 Explicit Episode #96 – What Hip Hop Took From The Best? This episode is for you. This episode is a very special edition. We discuss all things West Coast Hip Hop with Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. All three have really changed the game in terms of style. Drake has been doing a lot of cool things like the 2K8 release, signing to Atlantic which has been an absolute steal, and having a massive amount of followers from his new songs. This episode is also a lot of Kanye vs Lil Wayne. We also discuss Lil Wayne’s recent comments on Kim Kardashian. Free View in iTunes

7 Explicit Episode #95 – Drake’s Biggest Mistake On “The Mixtape” This episode is for you. We discuss Drake & Drake’s biggest mistake on the album which is “The Mixtape”. We also talk about Drake’s beef with Lil Wayne and what caused his feud with Lil Wayne. This episode is also a real life rap battles. Free View in iTunes

8 Explicit Episode #94 – The New Drake & Lil

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