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Do you have dance partners at school?

I go to a local school and I have dance partners. But there is no formal ballet school. I think that French should be taught as an art form, and not a sport. I feel that if you have no formal education it makes you less special. The idea of the ballet school and the concept of ballet is not to be used to teach you how to dance. I think it’s the French way to learn.

What’s your opinion on the fact that the French choreographer Jean Jules Beaulieu is considered France’s best?

Jules Beaulieu is definitely my most admired choreographer in France. He’s a great dancer in France or the rest of Europe. He’s one of the best. He works with some world-famous figures, such as Claude Debussy and Claude Debussy’s granddaughter. The choreography is very good. I have the impression that everyone in France is really impressed by his work. I think that he’s a great dancer as well, and a nice guy too. He is very popular and well respected. To be honest, I find it hard to get into the French culture. If I go to a performance of a ballet he works on, it’s a different experience and I get a slightly different reaction; it’s one of those things that you just have to do not only in your country. But I have to say that his ideas and work has changed people’s perception of what the art of ballet should be. He has taught a whole generation of choreographers to work in a kind of new art form.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?

I think at the age of 20 I reached the top level when I was in Paris. I had no previous experience. Now the world’s most famous choreographer, Michelangelo Signorile, invited me for a performance and asked me the question: “What are you doing?” I told him. He was very impressed and said, “Are you the French?” I said yes and gave him my name and then he invited me to perform his ballet with him, the Dans le Roi. It was really a big surprise for me. I don’t think it’s that extraordinary, you have to perform at least two performances in two different cities, even in a club. It just shows people what kind of a world is the place we live in now. To have Michelangelo Come to Paris at that time is great. That made the world open its

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