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Because it gives us hope of what is possible. It gives us a path to the happiness and fulfillment that so many in the world are experiencing today—it is the one constant that gives hope of a brighter future and a better life for ourselves and for our children.”

The Dance is a celebration of the creative work our people and communities have created—and that in turn inspires our citizens to do the same.

Through the Power of Dance the entire community is connected, we are all in this together. The Power of Dance has never been more important.

We look forward to continuing to work together on the issues of community, leadership and economic growth, building on the strong foundation laid in Dance.

If you have the power, your only problem is what you wish for. Or not. Not a bad job for the power to take. In recent years, there has been a steady surge in the popularity of the power to change the outcome of the election.

This isn’t to say that changing your vote will not cause problems during the election. But it does mean that the power to change the outcome of an election is not an absolute power. It is, as President Johnson told me, “a matter of degree.”

There are two ways to deal with this political calculus. One is to pretend that the election didn’t actually happen, and that the party that doesn’t lose can stay in power. And that would be to concede your political self-interest.

The other way to think about it is the other option: that the party that loses can regain power only by winning by getting rid of someone who might have been their opponent.

In either case — if the election hadn’t happened or the party lost — we would have some kind of real democratic process with an incumbent president and a challenger who might otherwise be the Democratic or Republican presidential nominees. In a situation that didn’t occur, it’s possible, especially in a Republican landslide, that nothing will change.

In a situation where it did happen, however, changes in power could be made.

I am not in fact writing about a single event or one person: I am writing about a political power play that was designed to make a point. It has the support of more than 100 organizations, with a total membership greater now than it has ever been during a presidential election.

It is not a new idea. Every presidential election since 1964, with the exception of 2000, had featured two candidates who are now long-time

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